Open Bible Baptist Church


We are an independent Baptist Church but our informal relationships with other churches bring a unique strength in numbers. We are active with other churches trying to start churches in Wisconsin and the world through missionary efforts. We believe God will use homegrown people from our own church to reproduce what we have here wherever He leads next.

Today there is much confusion about the identity of the “Baptist” name. While our doctrine strictly does not come from John “the Baptist” we do relate to this man because he was the first in the scriptures to immerse believers in water after they had made a profession of faith. In every age since the time of John there have existed believers practicing this scriptural baptism as taught by Jesus Christ and demonstrated in all four gospels. For centuries the “Baptist” name became synonymous with a love for the scriptures and a desire to follow them in place for ever changing church traditions.

Historic Baptists were not a denomination but independent, local assemblies of believers patterned after New Testament churches. The core beliefs of Baptists are not held exclusively by Baptist churches nor are they guaranteed by including “Baptist” in the name. By calling ourselves Baptist we make a connection to other churches in history that believed the scriptures and too often were persecuted and forced to die for them. As Baptists we believe strongly in “soul-liberty” included the freedom to remain an unbeliever.

Pastor Harrison

In the year 2000, Pastor Harrison came to Manitowoc at the request of another church to help with a Vacation Bible School. That week was a life-changing event and produced a calling from God into the ministry. At that time, Pastor Harrison had been a volunteer youth pastor for 7 years in his home church. The circumstances and calling of God were unmistakable to his church family, friends, and the pastors involved. In preparation for the pastorate in Manitowoc, Pastor Harrison was ordained and sent from his own church to Manitowoc in 2001. 
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